2018 Giving The Gift of Language

Giving the Gift of Language is a two day intensive teacher training workshop that will guide language instructors through a method or approach specifically development for native language instruction called Accelerated Second Language Acceleration (ASLA). This method has broad application as a tool for language instruction across diverse languages and age groups, which will be illustrated through the workshop through video footage of language instruction with children and university students, as well as offering a hands-on training for classroom language instruction with participants.

2018 Important Dates (Subject to Change)

March 14 – Deadline to Book Hotel Room at Hillcrest Motel
March 20 – Deadline to Register
April 13-14 – Giving the Gift of Language

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Workshop Contacts:
For workshop details:
Melody Wood
Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre
305-2555 Grasswood Road East
Saskatoon SK S7H 5J7
Phone: 306-244-1146
Fax: 306-665-6520
Email: melody.wood@sicc.sk.ca
To register:
Neyooxet Greymorning
Phone: 406-243-6381
Email: neyooxet.greymorning@mso.umt.edu


Oct 12 - 13 2018


All Day