Cultural Resource Management

Strategic Objectives

  • Assist in developing traditional and contemporary cultural skills;
  • Fulfill seasonal protocols and ceremonies;
  • Develop cultural strategy;
  • Develop and implement the Keeping House Strategy and Action Plan;
  • Preserve and protect cultural objects and artifacts; and,
  • Coordinate Elders Councils.

Operational Objectives and Activities

  • To facilitate policy development and other initiatives which guard against expropriation and/or exploitation of Saskatchewan First Nations languages, traditions, ceremonial practices, cultural resources, traditional arts and history while ensuring that research, other study and usage is undertake in an ethically and culturally appropriate manner;
  • To advocate for the preservation of First Nations Treaty, historic, sacred, traditional usage and other sites of a special nature and to facilitate policy development and other initiatives required to ensure the preservation of sites of significance;
  • To facilitate the repatriation of human remains, sacred object, objects of cultural patrimony, historic documents and other Saskatchewan First Nations cultural properties that are maintained in government, non-government and private collections and to facilitate policy development and initiatives required to ensure repatriation and appropriate stewardship of repatriated items; and,
  • To serve as a central repository for objects pertaining to the languages, traditions, ceremontial practices, cultural resources, arts and history of Saskatchewan First Nations and to manage the collection of the SICC.

Points of Interest


Birds of Prey Program

Annually, the Birds of Prey Program allows for the distribution of feathers and other items from birds of prey such as Eagles and Hawks....

SICC Elders Council

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) Convention Act Section 29 provides for the establishment of an Elders Council. This Council...

SICC Board of Governors

Uphold, advocate and assert the First Nations Inherent and Treaty Rights to language, culture, traditional arts and history...

INdigenous languages & cultures program

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre (SICC) is now accepting applications for the 2020-21 program year!

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre exists to protect, preserve and promote the languages and cultures of the eight language groups of what is now known as Saskatchewan: Plains Cree, Swampy Cree, Woodland Cree, Dene, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakoda and Lakota.


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